Picture Frame Collage

There are so many different types of wall decor that are shown on Pinterest. One of the HUGE trends that is going on right now is the picture frame collages. I LOVE this trend so I decided to do one in my own living room.

Luckily my mom gave us a tons of picture frames that were left over from our wedding decorations. But finding picture frames that work is not difficult. You can go to Wal-Mart or Target and get the basic ones for under $10 (depending on the size you are wanting). We found some adorable ones from TJ-Maxx. If you are looking for inexpensive frames take a look at their clearance section. My mom found an 11×14 frame for $8. The frame was originally $19. TOTAL STEAL! They will also have some plain ones at any craft store but they may be a little more expensive (Michael’s, Jo-Ann’s, Porter’s…).

The nice thing is if you fall in love with a frame and it isn’t the color that you are looking for you can always paint it. I love spray painting because you can choose the EXACT color that you want. You can find the paint at any hardware store and craft stores. My favorite kind of spray paint to use is Krylon semi-gloss. It gives it a little shine without it making it look tacky.

The best way to get the exact layout you want is to get butcher paper and lay out the frames. Trace the frames so you know the spacing. When you have the layout exactly what you want you will be able to tape the butcher paper to the wall. After it has been taped you can put nails in the spots where you have decided to hang the frames. Once you have the nails you are good to go! Hang up those pictures to show the world. It is always a nice to through some cute quotes mixed in with the photographs.

This is the perfect touch to any home. It gives you an opportunity to show off all of your pictures at once. I love this trend and I hope it sticks around or a while! Do you think this trend will last or is it just another decorating fad?


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