3 Dates for the Broke Couple

Newlywed couples tend to be short on cash. AND THAT’S OKAY! I feel like that is a sort of a right of passage. A couple is meant to get through the rough times together. These rough times may include eating Ramen noodles together or taking a walk instead of going to Put Put. Here are a few things that Cameron and I did when we had 0 money. Date night got creative.

1. In House Picnic


When Cameron and I did this we had only been married a month. I came home from work and I saw an adorable spread in our living room. Cameron had gone to the grocery store and made us home made sub sandwiches (which were the most delicious sandwiches either of us had ever had.) It is one of my favorite dates we have ever had. It is super simple and it is perfect for when it is 30 degrees outside. The added bonus was that it was a surprise. It was a thoughtful surprise and it was a way for him to show how much he loved me. I know it sounds cheesy but these sandwiches were definitely made with love.

2. Stay in Movie Night


Cuddle up with some blankets and find a new show on Netflix. For 7 bucks a month you can stream pretty much whatever you want. The nice thing is that Netflix is constantly adding more titles to their collection. For a date night you can go pick up a $5 pizza from Little Caesars and stay in and start a new series. This is one of our favorite things to do. You have tons of shows and movies to choose from plus you get to do this date in your pajamas. What is better than that?!

3. Go to the Park

I like to think that we are an active couple. I’ll go to the gym on occasion…But one thing that we love doing together is going to the park that is a 2 blocks from the apartment. There is a tennis court, a basketball court, a huge field, and a playground. So basically an unlimited number of possibilities. We go a couple times a week to throw the football around. Cameron is a skilled soccer player who enjoys watching my lack of athletic ability. It truly is quite the sight.

Date night should not have to be this huge elaborate thing. The most important part about date night is that you spend it with your significant other. You don’t have to spend a million bucks to have a good time. As long as you are together you should be having fun.

Let me know what types of things you guys do for date night!


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