Our Story

I am one of the lucky people that had the opportunity to marry their best friend. Our story is like many others; best friends fall in love and then get to spend eternity together.

I met Cameron a couple weeks after he had returned from a 2 year mission in Brazil. I went to church with my parents during a break from school. My Dad met him before I did and then became a little obsessed. He instantly knew there was something about Cameron that he really liked. He then went on to pester me about how great of a guy he was before I even had the chance to officially meet him.

Flash  forward a week and my parents force me to go to singles ward to meet people. I started talking to the Relief Society President (my future sister-in-law). She mentions to me that she has a brother who just got home from his mission and that we would really get along. A week later I was introduced to the good looking RM who my Dad already loved.

We started talking and he was coming back to school the same time I was. When we got to school we would occasionally hang out and then we started dating other people. When I wasn’t on dates I would be texting Cameron. When I wasn’t in class  I would be texting Cameron. After a while I got sick of going on dates with other people and Cameron finally took me out after I dropped some huge hints.

soccer game

There was an immediate connection. After that we spent all of our time together. The poor guy couldn’t shake me. I knew after 2 weeks that he was the man I was supposed to marry. You’d think that would have terrified me but Cameron was my perfect guy.

I accidentally blurted out that I loved him while we were sitting in the car eating ice cream a week later. I was so embarrassed but because Cameron is so amazing, he decided that he loved me too. From that point on he was all I wanted.

4 months later we sealed the deal in the Mesa Arizona Temple. Now he is stuck with me forever. And I could not be any more excited.

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