Picture Frame Collage

There are so many different types of wall decor that are shown on Pinterest. One of the HUGE trends that is going on right now is the picture frame collages. I LOVE this trend so I decided to do one in my own living room.

Luckily my mom gave us a tons of picture frames that were left over from our wedding decorations. But finding picture frames that work is not difficult. You can go to Wal-Mart or Target and get the basic ones for under $10 (depending on the size you are wanting). We found some adorable ones from TJ-Maxx. If you are looking for inexpensive frames take a look at their clearance section. My mom found an 11×14 frame for $8. The frame was originally $19. TOTAL STEAL! They will also have some plain ones at any craft store but they may be a little more expensive (Michael’s, Jo-Ann’s, Porter’s…).

The nice thing is if you fall in love with a frame and it isn’t the color that you are looking for you can always paint it. I love spray painting because you can choose the EXACT color that you want. You can find the paint at any hardware store and craft stores. My favorite kind of spray paint to use is Krylon semi-gloss. It gives it a little shine without it making it look tacky.

The best way to get the exact layout you want is to get butcher paper and lay out the frames. Trace the frames so you know the spacing. When you have the layout exactly what you want you will be able to tape the butcher paper to the wall. After it has been taped you can put nails in the spots where you have decided to hang the frames. Once you have the nails you are good to go! Hang up those pictures to show the world. It is always a nice to through some cute quotes mixed in with the photographs.

This is the perfect touch to any home. It gives you an opportunity to show off all of your pictures at once. I love this trend and I hope it sticks around or a while! Do you think this trend will last or is it just another decorating fad?


Brown Sugar Crock Pot Pork Chops

Cameron and I have had pork chops in the freezer for a few weeks. We finally decided to pull them out to make them for dinner. Since we are working and going to school we have very little time to cook. This is why crockpotting is an excellent option for dinner. Plus most of the time the food that is made in the crock pot is relatively inexpensive.

We looked through a couple different recipes and we decided to combine them together and it turned out amazing. The meat was tender and was sweet. This is definitely a recipe we will be making again.

To make these pork chops you will need:

4-6 pork chops

1/2 chopped onion

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/2 tsp cayenne power

1/2 tsp paprika

1 tsp garlic salt

1/2 black pepper

1 tsp cinnamon


First chop the onion and set aside. If your pork chops are thawed I would suggest tenderizing them. It will give the meat a better texture and they will be easier to eat. We didn’t do it this time around but next time it is a MUST!

Then combine the cayenne pepper, paprika, brown sugar, garlic salt, cinnamon, and black pepper together in a small bowl. Once they have been combined into a dry rub, rub it all over the pork chops.


After the pork chops have been covered with the dry rub place them in the crockpot. Once the meat is in the crockpot sprinkle the chopped onion and add a little more brown sugar if you want it sweeter. We added a little more brown sugar than what was called for; we like it sweet.

Cook the meat on low for 3 1/2 hours. The longer you leave it in the more tender your meat is going to be. Serve with asparagus and dinner rolls. SO YUMMY!

This will definitely be made again. If you are looking for something easy to make and short on cash, this is the recipe for you!


3 Dates for the Broke Couple

Newlywed couples tend to be short on cash. AND THAT’S OKAY! I feel like that is a sort of a right of passage. A couple is meant to get through the rough times together. These rough times may include eating Ramen noodles together or taking a walk instead of going to Put Put. Here are a few things that Cameron and I did when we had 0 money. Date night got creative.

1. In House Picnic


When Cameron and I did this we had only been married a month. I came home from work and I saw an adorable spread in our living room. Cameron had gone to the grocery store and made us home made sub sandwiches (which were the most delicious sandwiches either of us had ever had.) It is one of my favorite dates we have ever had. It is super simple and it is perfect for when it is 30 degrees outside. The added bonus was that it was a surprise. It was a thoughtful surprise and it was a way for him to show how much he loved me. I know it sounds cheesy but these sandwiches were definitely made with love.

2. Stay in Movie Night


Cuddle up with some blankets and find a new show on Netflix. For 7 bucks a month you can stream pretty much whatever you want. The nice thing is that Netflix is constantly adding more titles to their collection. For a date night you can go pick up a $5 pizza from Little Caesars and stay in and start a new series. This is one of our favorite things to do. You have tons of shows and movies to choose from plus you get to do this date in your pajamas. What is better than that?!

3. Go to the Park

I like to think that we are an active couple. I’ll go to the gym on occasion…But one thing that we love doing together is going to the park that is a 2 blocks from the apartment. There is a tennis court, a basketball court, a huge field, and a playground. So basically an unlimited number of possibilities. We go a couple times a week to throw the football around. Cameron is a skilled soccer player who enjoys watching my lack of athletic ability. It truly is quite the sight.

Date night should not have to be this huge elaborate thing. The most important part about date night is that you spend it with your significant other. You don’t have to spend a million bucks to have a good time. As long as you are together you should be having fun.

Let me know what types of things you guys do for date night!

Our Story

I am one of the lucky people that had the opportunity to marry their best friend. Our story is like many others; best friends fall in love and then get to spend eternity together.

I met Cameron a couple weeks after he had returned from a 2 year mission in Brazil. I went to church with my parents during a break from school. My Dad met him before I did and then became a little obsessed. He instantly knew there was something about Cameron that he really liked. He then went on to pester me about how great of a guy he was before I even had the chance to officially meet him.

Flash  forward a week and my parents force me to go to singles ward to meet people. I started talking to the Relief Society President (my future sister-in-law). She mentions to me that she has a brother who just got home from his mission and that we would really get along. A week later I was introduced to the good looking RM who my Dad already loved.

We started talking and he was coming back to school the same time I was. When we got to school we would occasionally hang out and then we started dating other people. When I wasn’t on dates I would be texting Cameron. When I wasn’t in class  I would be texting Cameron. After a while I got sick of going on dates with other people and Cameron finally took me out after I dropped some huge hints.

soccer game

There was an immediate connection. After that we spent all of our time together. The poor guy couldn’t shake me. I knew after 2 weeks that he was the man I was supposed to marry. You’d think that would have terrified me but Cameron was my perfect guy.

I accidentally blurted out that I loved him while we were sitting in the car eating ice cream a week later. I was so embarrassed but because Cameron is so amazing, he decided that he loved me too. From that point on he was all I wanted.

4 months later we sealed the deal in the Mesa Arizona Temple. Now he is stuck with me forever. And I could not be any more excited.

k&c -472

Yellowstone National Park

One of the best things about living in Southeast Idaho is how close we are to Yellowstone National Park. Living less that 2 hours from the West Entrance means that we can go for a day and explore.

Typically there is  $25 dollar entrance fee but there are some days that you are able to get into the park for free. If you are running short on cash you it is smart to carpool through the park. We had a car off 4 people and we were planning on splitting the entrance fee. Luckily today when we went we did not have to pay. It was a nice little surprise!

When we first got into the park we found saw a herd of buffalo.

DSC_0077 (1)


It was a super cool experience to have an entire herd 50 yards away. I really don’t suggest wandering around in front of them since there have been instances of them attacking people. So stay near your car and take wonderful pictures such as this.

While you are driving around the park make sure to make a stop of Old Faithful. It is only 30 minutes into the park. It is a beautiful drive to get there and you can see tons of animals along the way. The spectacle lasts less than 2 minutes but it is the anticipation that makes it all worth it. I believe that the geyser goes off every 30 to 45 minutes. It is well worth the wait and if you get hungry they have a cafeteria right there.

old faithful geiserOld Faithful


Early spring is the perfect time to go. All of the animals are out after the harsh winter. We had the chance to see a momma and a baby bear in addition to tons of other animals. And you are able to do it in under a tank of gas. There are some roads that are closed right now but it is still and amazing trip. If you have the chance to go you definitely should.

This was on of the funnest dates I have ever been on. Doing this for a fun Saturday out will let you get out and enjoy nature. You get to spend all day talking to the other person. It makes the time driving more fun.

Go out and enjoy nature!




Berry French Toast

It is normal for people have huge breakfasts on Mother’s Day. So this past Sunday Cameron and I decided that we wanted stuffed french toast. The problem was I did not have enough cream cheese to do it so I improvised. So I made regular french toast with a berry cream cheese syrup.

In order to make the French Toast you need:

  • 3 eggs
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 T sugar
  • 1 t vanilla
  • 2 t cinnamon
  • butter
  • Loaf of Potato Bread

In order to make the Berry Syrup you will need:

  • 2 handfuls of frozen berries
  • 4 oz room temperature cream cheese
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1/2 powdered sugar

To start off combine the eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon in a small bowl. Spread the butter over the bottom of your skillet. Turn the stove to medium high and allow the pan to heat up.

Next dunk your slices of bread in the egg mixture then set in the pan. Allow for each side of the bread to brown. Once both sides have been cooked take them off the head and put them aside so you can make the syrup.

stove top

Start off the syrup by mixing the cream cheese, milk and half of the powdered sugar. Stir over a medium heat until the cream cheese has been melted down. Once the cream cheese has melted down, continue to stir the mixture for 3 minutes. The mixture should be a little thick.

berry syrup

After stirring for 3 minutes add the berries and the rest of the powdered sugar. The berries will melt and then turn the mixture into a runnier syrup. Bring the syrup to a boil then take off the heat.

Once the syrup has cooled down for 5 minutes you should be able to spoon the syrup over the top of the french toast you just made.

French Toast

The only issue I had while making this was not letting the cream cheese be room temperature before I started cooking. Other than that this was a super easy recipe and it was incredibly inexpensive. Cameron definitely wants me to make this again.

Happy Cooking!

Driving Range

Cameron and I decided that we wanted to get out and do something today. It was beautiful and sunny after it had been rainy all week. We received a free meal voucher from one of our favorite restaurants and we had a lot of time to kill.

As we were eating our waiter was explaining that he was an avid golfer. It had been forever since Cameron or I had been. We asked our waiter for a recommendation of a nearby golf course. He told us that Sandcreek in Idaho Falls was the best place to go.

Golf Balls

For less the $15 my husband and I were able to spend 2 hours together having fun. It was only $5.50 for a bucket of balls and they rented out a full set of golf clubs for free. In addition to the driving range you are able to use the putting green at no additional charge.The golf course also has an 18 hole course and a 9 hole course if you are wanting to actually go golfing.


It was a laid back afternoon that was definitely needed. This was one of my favorite dates that I have ever been on. It is perfect for something that is insanely fun and inexpensive. To top it off we went and got dessert afterwards. It was truly an amazing day.

If you ever run out of ideas of something to do for a date, I would definitely suggest going to hit a bucket of balls. It’s a stress reliever and a total blast

We Golf

Spray Paint Dresser

New furniture is expensive, especially when you are a newlywed and have no money. Luckily Cameron and I were able to locate this dresser on an area garage sale Facebook page for less that $50. It was in need of some TLC. We got a real kick out of the pink handles. We figured it was originally in a nursery.

white dresser

The easiest and cheapest way to redo furniture is to spray paint it. We were able to find some awesome spray paint from ACE Hardware. We chose to paint the dresser black since it would be able to go with anything. The best paint we heard of using was the Krylon Semi-Gloss. We were able to purchase both cans for less than $15. We decided to use a medium gloss so that it would appear brand new but not too bright.

Even though we decided to paint it black, we knew that it would be better to sand it down before we began painting. In order for the paint to stick you have to get the old paint off. If you are wanting to sand in an inexpensive way you can buy the strips of sand paper and rub it down yourself. Or if you are looking at doing it faster we borrowed a sander from the friend. It took half the time that would it have otherwise taken. Take the drawers out at this time and make sure to get the corners. Those were a little tricky for us.

Once you have finished sanding wipe down your project.  Get all of the left over shavings off so that when you paint you won’t have little flakes sticking through the paint.

Now you can begin painting. The best way we learned was to do it in a back and forth motion. We were able to finish painting the whole thing in 25 minutes. Let it sit for at least 30 minutes before  doing the second coat. Depending on how thick you want, feel free to do more than 2 coats. Since we used black paint we only needed to use 2 coats.

After we let me sit overnight we put on the handles. We found some really cute ones at Ace Hardware. The pack we purchased were a pack of 12 for $13. They have been great and when we show people the apartment they comment on how cute they are.

black dresser

This was a fun Saturday project to do and I got a brand new dresser for less than $100. The ones we were looking at on the internet were at least $200. This is a simple way to turn old furniture into something new.